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Gavin - First Grader Winning Field Goal Kick

Posted by Paul Crawley on


I wanted to send you a film of my 7 year old Son Gavin.

He joined a 1st grade Flag Football team in Frisco,TX and is the only kid out of 288 players able to pull off a 20 yard field goal!!! This is much to do with your net Santa brought him.

We have it set up in our Garage and he would go outside and kick till his leg was numb!!! Thank you for allowing this to happen. When we first start kicks we were not able to kick it 10 yards in the air. Much less over a 10 foot cross bar!! This has been a major learning experience for Gavin. He truly understands the meaning of sticking with something, anything is possible!!!

Currently his flag team, The Saints, is the only undefeated first grade team out of 18. Kicking an extra point is worth 2 points and a field goal is worth 3. His kicks have won 3 close games and have intimidated the other team big time. So far this year he is 11 for 12!!!! Thank you from a proud father!!!

- Jeff Marshall, Frisco, TX 

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