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SkyTrak Launch Monitor & Golf And Multi-Sport Nets


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SkyTrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. More informations about SkyTrak ? Click here

Combined with The Net Return Golf And Multi-Sport Nets, you have the perfect combo for your training sessions. Indoor or outdoor, at home or elsewhere... Enjoy SkyTrak Launch Monitor & Golf And Multi-Sport Nets wherever and whenever you want!

Choose your net for an immersive training experience! Golf And Multi-Sport Nets:

  • Pro Series V2: Height: 2.29m Width: 2.44m Depth: 1.07m Weight: 15kg
  • Home Series V2: Height: 2.13m Width: 2.13m Depth: 1.07m Weight: 13kg
  • Mini Pro Series V2: Height: 1.82m Width: 1.52m Depth: 1.07m Weight: 11kg
  • Junior Pro Series V2: Height: 1.40m Width: 1.40m Depth: 0.73m Weight: 8kg.

This package include a Net and SkyTrak Launch Monitor.

Accessories are availbale on the following links:

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