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SkyTrak Game Improve Package


You wish to obtain clear and detailed statistics on your shots, practical information such as distance, carry, flying height, backspin, sidespin, angle of attack, angle of descent and a lot of other information... 

This pack will meet all your expectations!

The launcher is delivered with all the didactic tools to analyze and improve the game.
Perfectly adapted for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use, he also accompanies you to the driving range of your club. 

Its lightness, its autonomy (about 5 hours), its ease of use and its metallic protection. 
make it the ideal play and training companion. 

Contents of the pack :

SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor

Game improvement software (1 year license)
Metal Protective Case

 • The Game Improvement license includes :
- Practice mode (distance, ball speed, club speed, ball spin, dispersion)

- Challenge mode (closest to the pin, target practice, longest drive)
- Game improvement (skills assessment, bag mapping, wedge work)

• SkyTrak Protective Case:

The SkyTrak protective metal case is the "official metal case authorized for use with SkyTrak"
Its smart design allows you to connect a wall charger without removing your SkyTrak from its protection. 
You can easily access the power button and see the LEDs through the precisely positioned openings. 
The housing has adjustable feet for horizontal and vertical levelling of the SkyTrak
There is a slot on the front panel for the alignment sticks. 
This ensures that you will always be perfectly aligned with the target line.
Laser-cut from 1,826 mm thick steel, this sturdy and durable case offers excellent protection against slight drops, scratches and other impacts. 
It's a great way to protect your investment!

Don't forget! Your SkyTrak remains mobile. 
You take it wherever you want, whenever you want!!