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Michael Gabbay - Los Angeles, California

Posted by Paul Crawley on

When I bought the Net Return the owner asked me what my objectives were and I told him I wanted to become a low to mid 80′s golfer with a good looking golf swing. Paul took the time to send me a 'To Do' List that basically said do at least 100 swings for 60 days in a row without fail and I'll guarantee you will shave at least 4 strokes off my game.

Well Paul, I'm back to tell you that around the 40th consecutive day my swing started to really come together. What seemed to be over night I picked up 15-20 yards with my driver and every other club in my bag. I started hearing the sweet sound a well struck ball makes…Wow Wow Wow…

Where I was averaging 3-4 mis hit or bad shots per side,I am here to say those mis hits are all but gone. Seeing what I got out of these 60 days has made a total believer out of me.

The design of the Net Return is brilliant, it's light weight yet durable, setting it up was a no brainer and requires no tools. The parts are all color matched, just snap them together and go.

Most importantly with the Net Return you only need 1 ball not loads like other nets require. I could have gone on spending $300 a month at the range and not improved anywhere near as quickly as I have with the Net Return. As far as I'm concerned next to my new clubs, it was the best investment I could of made. With the economy moving in the direction it has, not only is the Net Return giving me hours and hours of entertainment and exercise here at home but I'm getting lots more Bang out of my Green Fees Buck.

Thanks for bringing golf to my limited amount of space.
It's time for my 100 swings…Gotta go!! Fore!!!!

Michael Gabbay

Los Angeles, CA

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