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SkyTrak Launch Monitor


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Based on the latest state-of-the-art technology, SkyTrak is the first accurate and high-performance golf simulator/launcher at an affordable price. It provides realistic measurements, results and statistics of your game. After downloading the free application, SkyTrak connects quickly and easily to iPads, Iphones, Android tablet phones and other compatible PCs via its built-in WiFi access point. You're ready to start your workout at the SkyTrak 3D practice anytime and anywhere.  

!!! No wires to connect !!!
For total portability, SkyTrak has its own battery with an autonomy of approximately 5 hours.
With SkyTrak Shot-Tracer technology, watch the flight of the ball on your iPad, Android or PC and get instant information on trajectory, launch angle, spin speed, distance traveled and more to improve your game. 
Shot-Tracer offers you different angles of view! With SkyTrak, you will optimize your training time and get more information about your game than by actually being on the course or at the driving range.

Get the accuracy, reliability and authentic simulation of a professional-quality launcher.
SkyTrak is an affordable, all-in-one system for training, playing and perfecting.
Bring it into your space and build your own golf experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever you want!

In the box:

- SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor + SkyTrak Basic Practice Range (software)
- Micro USB charging cable and power adapter
- User's Manual
- Quick Start Guide




Get the accuracy, reliability and authentic simulation of a professional-grade launch monitor. 
The improvement of your game is guaranteed!

SkyTrak is an easy to use launcher, fun but professional. It is specifically designed to help you improve your game.

For the first time, you can acquire a reliable and affordable simulator that offers the same accuracy and cost effectiveness as a conventional simulator.
the professionalism of competing launchers at €10,000 or more ...


Compete against your friends or break your personal records with fun games, accuracy exercises and challenges.


Get immediate feedback and data on every shot you make with instant 3D visualization.

You get clear and detailed statistics on your shots, practical information such as distance,
carry, flight height, backspin, sidespin, angle of attack, angle of descent and a lot of other information...


SkyTrak is designed to work independently wirelessly, allowing you to play anywhere, anytime.

With built-in Wi-Fi, use your SkyTrak wherever and whenever you want.
Connect to a mobile device and play!
No internet connection required.

SkyTrak's technology is revolutionizing the launch monitor market by offering a tool with the highest level of accuracy and precision

and professional quality at affordable prices previously unrivalled in the golf simulation market.

By using this laucher, you will find that the power, advanced features and tools provided make SkyTrak a tool in a class of its own.

 Features include:

- Photometric launch monitor with professional-quality accuracy
- Wireless design
- Connection via Wi-Fi to compatible tablets (iPads, androids) and PCs
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Compact size => Height: 17,5 cm, Length: 16,5 cm, Width: 6 cm and weighs only 0,8 kg
- Ambidextrous: right-left handed, no modifications or adjustments required.
- Set of parameters measured: ball speed, angle of attack, backward rotation, lateral rotation, lateral angle.



iOSSkyTrak requires support for 3D graphics cards.
Compatible with: iPad Air or newer - iPad Mini 2 (with Retina disoplay) or newer - iPad Pro - iPhone 6 or newer
*iPad models produced after 2014 are compatible.

The number of Android models available on the market is considerable and it is impossible to test them all. During the test period, the best results were obtained with devices equipped with octa-core processors.

Below is the list of validated devices:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
- Samsung Galaxy S8
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Google Pixel C

Windows System pre-requisite:

- Windows 7, 8 or 10
- Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz or higher
- 2GB RAM or higher

SkyTrak Basic Practice Range (free software)

The Basic Practice package offers the ability to practice and hit balls with any club in your bag at any time and display a very accurate rendering of your ball flight in a stunning 3D environment. Training has never been easier and you get instant feedback to improve your game. Work on your ball strike, shot shape, angle of attack, position and speed without leaving home or wasting time on unnecessary moves. And save the cost of practice balls and fuel while getting the information you need that you've never seen before.

- Practice 3D with Shot Tracer

 Enjoy a better view of your shots and the results of your swing hitting your own balls with your clubs better than on the outdoor driving range.

- Ball performance data.

The flight data of your ball on individual shots is captured and displayed automatically to include: measured ball speed, launch angle, backward rotation, lateral rotation and lateral angle (deviation from the target line). You will also receive the calculated clubhead speed, carry distance, off-line distance from the target line and total distance for each shot.

- First Person Camera View with Shot Tracer.  

 Visualize the flight of the ball from the bottom of the line (as if you were standing behind the ball looking at the target) and follow your strike pattern in the air.

- Replay Shot.

 Tap the play button to review that great drive or analyze the one you forgot.  

The Strengths of our Nets
Take advantage of:
  • One Person Assembly in Under 5 Minutes (No Tools Required!)
  • Lightweight, Rugged, 3,81cm Powder Coated Tubular Aluminum Frame.
  • Commercial Grade, UV Treated Black, Polyester NettingLarge,
  • Large, Stainless Steel Push Buttons
  • Rugged, Black Duffle Bag
  • Practice Anytime, Anywhere...
  • One Net for Multi-Sport Use - Golf, Football , Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse
  • Use Indoors and Outside
  • Fits with any golf simulator or golf launcher 

Available sizes:

  • Home Series V2 --> Height: 2.13m  Width: 2.13m  Depth: 1.07m 
  • Pro Series V2 --> Height: 2.29m  Width: 2.44m  Depth: 1.07m 
  • Mini Pro Series V2: --> Height: 1.82m  Width: 1.52m  Depth: 1.07m  
  • Junior Pro Series V2 --> Height: 1.40m  Width: 1.40m  Depth: 0.73m
  • Pro Series Large 8' --> Width 2,44m Height 2,44m Depth 107cm
  • Pro Series Large 9' --> Width 2,74m Height 2,44m Depth 107cm
  • Pro Series Large 10' --> Width 3,04m Height 2,44m Depth 107cm
Care Instructions

Following these care instructions will increase the longevity of your Net Return

  • Avoid using older or damaged golf balls to minimize wear and tear on your Net Return. Though our nets are made with high quality netting damaged balls can cause wear if they are used repeatedly.
  • Do Not leave your net outside during high winds or inclement weather conditions (It is truly easy to Assemble and disassemble your Net Return and it comes with a convenient storage duffle bag)
  • Inspect your net before use , particularly if you are using it indoors.
Why A Net Return Sport Net?