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Mevo+ Fixed Alignment Dock - Golf Simulator Accessories - Mevo+ Protection - The Net Return Europe

Mevo+ Fixed Alignment Dock


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Never miss a shot analysis by your FlightScope® Mevo+ with the Fixed Alignment Dock!

Perfect setup is critical to getting accurate resultats with the Mevo+. The "Fixed Alignment Dock for Mevo+" is designed to allow alignment of the Mevo+ to be a quick and accurate as possible whilst providing protection.

Pre-set positions and 6 points of fine-adjustment allow the Mevo+ to be aligned to the target at the correct tilt and roll angles consistently. No need to align the Mevo+ each time.

The tilt can quickly and accurately be changed from 16° (for FS golf and FS skills) to 12° (for E6) or vice versa by using the correct pre-set groove on the Dock.




  • The handwheels provide 6 points of fine-adjustment to accurately set the tilt and           roll angles for initial setup. No tools required for adjustment.
  • Height adjustment: 45mm when freestanding. 12mm when fixed to the floor.
  • Lateral fine-adjustment: 12mm.
  • Tilt adjustment: 10° - 20°.
  • The Mevo+ will always be set in the same position.
  • Pre-set tilt positions provided at 12° and 16°. No need to use the "12° simulator               angle guide" included with the Mevo+.
  • The Dock also provides protection for the Mevo+ whilst not affecting the ability to          monitor the golf ball.
  • No issues with Wifi signal to and from the Mevo+.
  • Can be fixed to the floor for a permanent installation.
  • Can be fine-adjusted laterally and vertically after beeing fixed to the floor.
  • Bullseye spirit level included gives visual feedback for leveling.
  • The design allows charging the Mevo+ without having to remove it from the Dock
  • Weather resistant durable epoxy powder coat finish.
  • Can be used freestanding (not fixed to the floor)
  • Extra height adjustment available when freestanding with included levelling feet to         help with positioning the Mevo+ at the correct height.
  • Rubber feet supplied for use when fresstanding.
  • Carry handle provided for portability.
  • Cutouts provide compatibility with Kensington locks and / or padlocks for extra               security (optional).
  • Mevo+ can be fixed to the Dock (optional).
  • Floor fixings not supplied.

The Strengths of our Nets
Take advantage of:
  • One Person Assembly in Under 5 Minutes (No Tools Required!)
  • Lightweight, Rugged, 3,81cm Powder Coated Tubular Aluminum Frame.
  • Commercial Grade, UV Treated Black, Polyester NettingLarge,
  • Large, Stainless Steel Push Buttons
  • Rugged, Black Duffle Bag
  • Practice Anytime, Anywhere...
  • One Net for Multi-Sport Use - Golf, Football , Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse
  • Use Indoors and Outside
  • Fits with any golf simulator or golf launcher 

Available sizes:

  • Home Series V2 --> Height: 2.13m  Width: 2.13m  Depth: 1.07m 
  • Pro Series V2 --> Height: 2.29m  Width: 2.44m  Depth: 1.07m 
  • Mini Pro Series V2: --> Height: 1.82m  Width: 1.52m  Depth: 1.07m  
  • Junior Pro Series V2 --> Height: 1.40m  Width: 1.40m  Depth: 0.73m
  • Pro Series Large 8' --> Width 2,44m Height 2,44m Depth 107cm
  • Pro Series Large 9' --> Width 2,74m Height 2,44m Depth 107cm
  • Pro Series Large 10' --> Width 3,04m Height 2,44m Depth 107cm
Care Instructions

Following these care instructions will increase the longevity of your Net Return

  • Avoid using older or damaged golf balls to minimize wear and tear on your Net Return. Though our nets are made with high quality netting damaged balls can cause wear if they are used repeatedly.
  • Do Not leave your net outside during high winds or inclement weather conditions (It is truly easy to Assemble and disassemble your Net Return and it comes with a convenient storage duffle bag)
  • Inspect your net before use , particularly if you are using it indoors.
Why A Net Return Sport Net?